Public Liability

Public Liability

Does your profession involve offering services or advice to others? If yes, then you might want to get professional indemnity insurance.

Public liability insurance promises to indemnify the insured in the event of claims for bodily injury, sickness and death or property damage as a result of the negligent operation of their business or the negligence of agents acting on their behalf. The policy also provides compensation for legal fees incurred during litigations for such incidents. Legal liability for accidental death or bodily injury by Third parties including damage to their property caused by negligent acts arising from business operation- includes litigation costs and expenses. 

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Why do you need public liability insurance?

This policy indemnifies the insured against all sums, including all costs and expenses incurred with the written consent of the insurer, subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, conditions and liability limits) which the insured shall become legally liable to pay for compensation in respect of:

  • Death of or bodily injury to any person other than the insured or a person in the service of the insured or his sub-contactor.
  • Damage to any property other than property belonging to, held in trust by or in the control of the insured or his employees/subcontractors;

where such death, injury or damage is caused through the fault or negligence of the insured or any of his employees whilst actually engaged in the insured’s business, or by reason of any defect in any machinery or plant used by the insured in connection with such business.

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